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We live in a unique age. Like companies, human behavior is nowadays moving towards a new social and economic threshold.


CEPA holds a prominent position in this scenario and is among those companies that understand and care about social issues and delivers tangible social benefits that will have a profound influence on newer generations.


Experience this new awareness and be a part of this transformation.


Using tools such as neuroscience, positive psychology and scientific knowledge, CEPA seeks human development so that each person achieves his/her maximum potential and objectives in a coherent, consistent and elevated way.


Knowledge alone is not enough to change results. Results are born out of paradigms, beliefs, and habits embedded in one’s subconscious that affect the logic and manner in which we reinterpret each situation or circumstance.


The Center for the Prevention of Accidents (CEPA) develops programs specialized in controlling and managing traffic and transportation-related risks which are useful for individuals, companies and institutions.  


Our training programs and fleet support services are developed and provided by a professional staff with emphasis on the human factor, always with our community in mind, as well as on improving our client’s business performance.


CEPA has been working diligently with Traffic Risk Management since 1987. Throughout these years our services have evolved in a way to help strengthen our position as precursor.


It all started with training fleet drivers, followed by training "At Risk" drivers, training new hires and training leaders or fleet safety ambassadors.


Our Safe Driving training evolved into a Fleet Safety Program that encompasses the driver, vehicle, road environment and general fleet management process, making us worldwide leaders in Road Safety.



Over the years we realized that in addition to implementing world-class, high-quality, innovative tools, when pursuing Excellence and Results, companies need leaders who are consistent, engaged, embody a spirit of success, understand the purpose of the Program and inspire their teams so that each driver is ready, willing and committed to making the right decisions when on the road, thus generating Shared Values.


We became experts in understanding the essence of human potential, developing that potential, and the process of achieving success. As a result, we currently have several training programs that are geared toward developing Leadership potential, which will positively impact the entire organization.


Working with emotional intelligence and behavior, CEPA offers training, fleet consulting and data management for a wide array of vehicles (cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, buses, and motorcycles).


Our programs are geared towards national and multinational corporations with small, medium or large automotive fleets. Our broad operation span allows us to provide service in all 5 continents.

What CEPA has to offer



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Certificador Global

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Entrepreneur / Mentor


GDC is an independent certification body based in Switzerland that certifies training centers, companies, master trainers, trainers and drivers. The GDC certificate is unique and confirms compliance with the best practices in road safety around the globe.

GDC Certification

Global Standards Certification

CEPA is the first global GDC certifier and offers you the opportunity to successfully complete the certification process and audit. See more...